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MG Magnette V8

Restoring an old car which has rotted out and has a seized engine, hardly makes good economic sense.  So, building a 1956 MG Magnette V8, the early ZA Magnette, powered by a 1960/70's classic V8 makes more sense.  The Rover V8 is a logical power unit as it was also the engine in the MGB GT V8, so this engine now carries MG badges!  Very apt as the company in it final throes was indeed, MG Rover.

The project was started May 2004, and the engine was finally fired up just before the end of 2008.  Over ten  years after acquiring the car, we are almost at the stage of getting it road legal and a project that was supposed to take a couple of years is still ongoing. Even when on the road, there will still be a pile of finishing to do and some aspects will probably be redone.   

This is in some respects is a bit of a saga but tries to faithfully document the various ups and downs of a major project.  The concept has hardly changed at all - "take a 1956 car and repower it", sounds rather like a weekend project for a competent fabricator or mechanic.  What follows has turned to be anything but a simplistic weekend project and has turned into a major update of a classic British saloon car, where just about all that remains of the original car is the steel bodyshell, the doors, the radiator grille, a couple of bits of wood trim, front an drear screens and the heater blower!

The saga not only takes you through the ups and downs, but also into several blind alleys that cost me a real packet of money, but it is now approaching the last stages of getting it road legal - but even that is far from straightforward.

204_0522_02_small.jpg (1842 bytes)    MG Magnette V8   

A major hiccup stalled the project just as we thought it was ready for the road February 2014 but things started moving again from September 2014.

Most recent update, January 2018. 

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