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Graham Hill Memorabilia for sale 2018

Having been named after Raymond Mays, my father's prewar hero, 'Racing for England/Britain, it was only natural that eventually, my own hero of the 1960's and beyond was Graham Hill.

The listed items vary from valuable autographed items to postcards, old newspaper clippings and magazines.

Expressions of interest or offers via email are welcomed (see the contacts page).  Payment can be made via a UK bank Account.  Items sold after that point can be posted, but for anything other than paperwork, photographs etc., postage is expensive.

Several people have already shown interest without prices being discussed.  Price indication is by the number of question marks!  Page still under construction.


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catalogue ITEM Condition Price/value
Interest shown
b166_0318_01 BRM Autographs Aged but authentic. ???? An O R M A membership card signed by Jackie Stewart, Tony Brooks, Raymond Mays (?), Tony Rudd, Graham Hill, Richard Attwood, Wilkie Wilkinson,  Cyril Atkin (and Albert Powell my mistake!) at the annnual ORMA prizegiving, March 1966.

This is a one off item and is considered very valuable and is the star of my memorabilia pile.
Yes 1
b162_0721_02 Graham Hill BRM Mint ?? Two postcard sized pictures of Graham Hill, 1962 BRM.  Upper picture is a Geoff Goddard stamped print of the Aintree British Grand Prix, July 21st.  
b162_1229_02 BRM Graham Hill Mint
?? Two postcards of Graham Hill in the championship winning South African GP December 29th 1962  
b163_BRM_GEM01 BRM Nottingham Mint ? 6' x 4" photograph of the stackpipe version of championship winning 1962 BRM V8.  This was on display at the then new GEM (now ASDA) superstore, West Bridgford, Nottingham probably early 1963  
b163_BRM_GEM02 BRM V8  Mint ? 6' x 4" photograph of the stackpipe version of championship winning 1962 BRM V8, with Alfred Owen and Alec Rivers-Fletcher. As above.
b163_0600_01 O R M A News V Good ? O R M A News letter 1963
Issues: June
b164_1203_03 ORMA News Aged ? O R M A News letter 1964/1965
Issues: Dec, Mar, Jun
ORMA News Aged ?? O R M A News letter 1965/1966
Issues: Aug, Sep, Nov, Dec, Feb, Apr
b166_0608_11 ORMA news V Good ??  O R M A News letter 1966/1967
Issues: Jun, Aug, Nov, Dec, Apr, Jun, Dec, Jan, Apr, Jun. Aug (no cover issued)
b167_1112 ORMA News V Good ? O R M A News letter 1967/1968
Issues: Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar, Jun
b163_0104_01 Autosport 1963 January V Good ?? Autosport January 4th 1963 celebrating the 1962 World Championship win by Graham Hill, BRM  
b163_0308_01 Autosport March 1963 V Good ?? Tribute to BRM Autosport issue March 8th 1963
Volume 26 No 10
b176_ Graham Hill Mint ?? Two small (4cm square) embroidered Graham Hill badges, plus strips of 'the Graham Hill Appeal' self adhesive stickers.

*Can be sold separately - I have several other strips of the stickers
b163_ Graham Hill BRM V Good ?? Michael Turner Graham Hill BRM Monaco 1963 print
18cm x 14cm (7" x 5.5") 
b163_ Rover BRM 1963 Rover BRM 1963 Mint ?? Two postcard photographs of the 1963 Rover-BRM at Le Mans with Graham Hill and Richie Ginther.
* Autograph is printed
b165_ Rover_BRM kit Mint ?? Un-built, un-painted white metal Grand Prix Models kit of the 1965 Rover-BRM.
With decals, paperwork etc.  Box slightly worn.
b185_ 1962 BRM 1962 BRM Mint ?? 2 x Copies of 'The Car', containing a several page feature article of the 1962 BRM.  Two copies available. Published 1985.  
b162_GNH_JYS Graham Hill V Good ?? Four portrait photographs.  Top  left a little dog eared but the other 3 are mint.  Printed autographs.  
b165_BRM261 BRM 261 Mint ?? Four postcard sized B & W photographs of the 1965 BRM 261 with Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart  
b166_BRM_H16 BRM H16 Mint ?? Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, Raymond Mays, Alfred Owen, Tony Rudd etc., at the launch of the BRM H16 P115.
Lower picture was a giveaway with Scottie tissues, part of  a set of just 3 - BRM P83.
t_BRM_hardback BRM hardback  Ex library $30NZ or £15 As above, ex Hammersmith public library.  Unfortunately, some pencil scribble inside the front and back covers.  Also a little tatty and worn.   
t_BRM_paperback BRM paperback Loose pages $10NZ or £5 The paperback version of the above hardback.  Some lose pages and no attempt has been made to secure them.
First owner (T W Green) signed inside, otherwise unmarked, just aged.

Updated August 20th 2018