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Race Programmes for sale

As old age creeps on, and with no immediate family with any sort of passion for motorsport, classic, historic or otherwise, it is time to start to sell off memorabilia and books collected over the years, plus an extensive collection of race meeting programmes. 

All memorabila pages are still being built as at May 2018.   Sales to UK purchasers can be delivered to the Goodwood Revival Meeting September 2018.  Offers or expressions of interest welcomed via email. Programmes can be posted from NZ. Over 300 programmes available though some later ones may only be a printed entry list, hence the number of pages.  Unless otherwise stated, programmes are approx 230mm x 150mm.  (9" x 6")  

ERA Memorabilia for sale                                      BRM Memorabilia for sale

Listings are initially by race track.

Catalogue ITEM Condition Price/value
Qt y Interest shown
p136_0404D Donington 1936 Good ?? Some staple rust and a loose page 19 (entry list with a couple of marks) 40 pages 1  
p136_1003D Donington 1936 V Good ?? Slight staple rusting only. 36 pages 1  
p137_0410D Donington 1937 Good ?? Staples rusted away altogether. 36 pages 1  
p137_0612D Donington 1937 Good ?? Some annotations. 30 pages 1  
Donington 1937 V Good ?? Slight staple rusting only. 28 pages.

Autographed by Raymond Mays
p137_0904D Donington 1937 Fair ?? Cover has come apart.  Staple rust. 32 pages 1  
p137_1002D Donington 1937 V Good ?? Slight staple rusting. Some pencil annotations. 40 pages.
As  a Grand Prix, works Mercedes and Auto-Unions.
p138_0409D Good ?? Staples have rusted out.  36 pages. 1  
p138_0514D Donington 1938 Good ?? Staple rust.  Pencil annotations. 24 pages 1  
p138_0709D Donington 1938 Good ?? Minor staple rust.  Some annotations. 30
p138_1022D Donington 1938 V Good ?? Very minor staple rust. 40 pages 1  
p139_0401D Donington 1939 V Good ?? Rusty staples. 32 pages 1  
p139_0610D Donington 1939 F Good ?? A little scruffy and dog eared. Sellotaped edge.   Pencil annotations.  32 pages 1  
176_0220D Donington 1976 V Good
Large format
?? Prior to the track reopening in 1977, Donington held a speed show in the museum buildings. Slight marking to the cover. 1  
p177_0515D Donington 1977 Mint ?? The real reopening of the Donington track May 1977 was for motorcycles. 32 pages. 1  
p177_0528D Donington 1977 Mint ?? The much awaited reopening of the Donington track May 1977, for cars, by the Nottingham Sports Car Club - but the single seaters weren't allowed to run. 78 pages. 5