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UK Race Programmes and entry lists

Requests from several quarters for race entry details and photographs has meant a slow scanning process start from a pile of over 400 race programmes, from the early pre-war Donington to today's Hampton Downs (Auckland) and Goodwood plus a growing library of over 50,000 car photographs, again, from pre-war Donington onwards.  The collection includes races, statics and museums.  All photographs on this website are copyright © Ray Green unless stated otherwise.



Pics above - Donington 1939  - Mallory Park 1956 - Brands Hatch 1971

Project started  June 2019. Offers or expressions of interest welcomed via email for the purchase of race programmes or specific photographs or scans at a better resolution. All photographic images on this site are subject to Copyright © Ray Green.

These pages were really initiated by requests from the pre 1980 TVR community.  Some scans are from the officials' programmes and some are from my own, with notations, and some are from mint copies of race programmes.  Scans from the official's programme are deemed to be accurate and races notated from my own programmes, may include results as published by commentators.  No responsibility can be accepted for errors and my own collection is by no means anywhere near complete.

Inevitably, there is a bias towards Nottingham Sports Car Club events as some programmes were retrieved from a huge bonfire when the club vacated its full time West Bridgford office. In later years, up to 1976, there were very few meetings attended.  I may have more than one copy of some programmes but all Race Programmes are for sale. Please establish or confirm the condition of the programme before making any offer to purchase, as they do vary.

For anyone wanting more details of any Nottingham Sports Car Club events, including those where programmes are listed on this site, should contact Mike Mayfield, the club's archivist, archivist1 @ (delete the spaces - this is to reduce the spambots collating addresses).  

Link to: Mallory Park 1 - from 1956 to 1959 - completed June 9th 2019

Link to:  Mallory Park 2 - from 1960 - 1969 - completed June 15th 2019

Link to:  Mallory Park 3 - from 1970 - 1976 - completed June 20th 2019

Link to: Silverstone 1 - from 1948 - 1968 - completed June 27th 2019

Link to: Silverstone 2  from 1969 - 1977 - completed July 5th 2019

Link to: Donington Park - Pre war -  completed July 10th 2019 - Note:  All pre-war Donington programmes are now sold.

Link to: Donington post war - Pre 1983 completed. There may be occasional additions from Masters events or AMOC.

Link to: Croft & Cadwell Park - 1970 - 1974 completed July 16th 2019

Link to : Croft & Cadwell 2 - 1975 - 1978 completed July 19th 2019

Link to: Various Tracks - Gamston, Thruxton, Aintree, Oulton Park, Castle Combe, Goodwood Revival; etc.

To come later, a page of a few hillclimbs and sprints, Shelsey Walsh (2), Prescott (2), Curborough, Silverstone, Brighton.

NZ Programmes may be added later if there is any demand, but in recent years, the costs of printing and low spectator numbers have often meant a single printed sheet rather than a stapled programme and these have no real value.

   Just a few samples showing the format.  Not all races have been scanned here but the main pages have had all races scanned.  

Note: the programme date caption follows the format of year (less the 9 or 0), month and day.

Programme 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Mallory Park 1957
157_0422 Mallory
F3 Heat 1 Sports cars under 1200cc
F3 Heat  2
Mallory Park 1957
Sports cars
 Mallory Park 1957
Sports cars
Sports cars 1501cc -2000cc Sports cars over 2000cc Sports cars up to 1500cc F3 Final
Silverstone 1958
158_0830 Silverstone
Silverstone 1958 Silverstone 1958 Silverstone 1958 Silverstone 1958 Silverstone 1958 Silverstone 1958 Silverstone 1958 Silverstone 1958
Mallory Park 1961
161_0522 Mallory
Mallory Park 1961
Formula Junior
Mallory Park 1961
Formula Junior
Mallory Park 1961
Sports racing
Mallory Park 1961
Sports GT
Mallory Park 1961
Sports, Touring, GT
Formula Junior Final  Mallory Park 1961
Mallory Park 1961
  1 2 3 4 5 6    

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created June 2019 

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