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MONZA Ltd - New Zealand

Welcome to MONZA, a New Zealand company with interests in Motorsport Photography, a home page for Marcos cars in NZ & Australia and also my long term project, putting a Rover V8 into a 1956 MG Magnette

Many pics have now been published on an excellent New Zealand website
The Roaring Season under the heading 'A mix of pics' and views as at February y 2024exceed 2.1 million. Many are now for sale via Alamy .

Most but not all memorabilia and books are for sale, plus race programmes, especially from meetings organised by the Nottingham Sports Car Club up to 1978 via the 'Old UK Race Entry list link to the left. 

Postage costs are horrific from NZ to the UK, but could be carried to the UK either by myself or by friends and posted locally. 

UK race entry lists have been scanned from old race programmes.

Several scans are from Nottingham Sports Car Club secretarial copies and some personal copies are annotated. Check out the memorabilia link for programmes still available, as most are to be sold and with a link to a library of motoring related books, also, many to be sold.

Links on the left are active, even though they may still be under development...  Latest minor updates - February 2024 and the flag counter reset.
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