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1970 MARCOS VOLVO 3 LITRE - Ray Green New Zealand

Part 2

Stripping the car to a rolling chassis was fairly straightforward. The engine was removed at Mal Clark's By'Gone Autos and the bare chassis was transported to East Tamaki for Ed Vaughn of Biplus Engineering to work his magic in replacing rotten areas of the chassis and strengthening a couple of areas.  In hindsight, it would have been cheaper to have bought a replacement chassis from the UK... The bodyshell, bonnet, doors, boot and rear axle were prepared for plastic media blasting to remove all traces of old paint and to expose the original fibreglass.


Ed worked through the chassis and calculated that it was out of true - whether from the evidence of a possible light accident at the front (we believe the bonnet might have been a replacement and the holes for the hinge cups weren't level so the bonnet was twisted when opened), or from welding stresses when the chassis was built.  Ed suspected the latter and ensured that the rebuilt chassis was true and with no welding stresses. 

Unfortunately, most of the photographs taken at this time were of very poor quality through the lack of a flash.  This was in 1993, at least 3 years before the first digital cameras were available.  Later, I'll scan one or two negatives and add them.



Part 01

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